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Transylvania Connections

Transylvania Connections Association

Transylvania Connections Association is impelled by the conviction that Transylvania is a space of diversity, whose charm and uniqueness is rooted in the ethnic and confessional richness that has existed for centuries. Through the ideas and projects it seeks to promote in the community, the Association proposes the following:

1. Build strong bonds between people belonging to this community of diversity so that everyone has the opportunity to get to know each other better and share their values.

2. Establish powerful connections between ideas born in this multicultural area so that these ideas can be valued and can bring benefit to every member of the community.

3. Promote the cultural and intellectual model of all ethnicities so that everyone can better know each other and the contribution of each community to the cultural treasure of the province.

4. Support projects and initiatives working to translate written works that are essential to each ethnicity living in Transylvania, so that their cultural values ​​can be better known and assimilated.

5. Promote projects from related fields, such as art, culture, education, sports, tourism, public relations, and branding, which communicate the values ​​and wonderful places of Transylvania.

6. To organize meetings and round tables bringing together specialists from different fields, aiming at promoting on a wide scale the beauty and values ​​of Transylvania.